Livestock and Local Community Relationships 2019-20

The 2019-20 Livestock and Local Communities (LLC) cohort was given the challenge of 1) building a high-performing transdisciplinary team and 2) examining changes in livestock production in five South Dakota counties and identifying factors driving those changes.

The team documented their method and the following model emerged (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The 2019-20 Livestock and Local Communities cohort process.

The factors examined by the team included:

  • How is livestock growth or decline affected by “push/pull” factors?
  • What are the resources within these 5 counties?
    • Recreation
    • Feedstuffs in close proximity
    • Water/land usage
    • Supporting industries
  • How does the family-owned farm culture impact livestock development?
  • Is there a strong local influence on CAFO development, zoning, laws?
    • Different interests across selected 5 counties
  • Are farms expanding? Are new farms establishing?  What kinds of farms? What is the local reaction?

After conducting stakeholder interviews and gathering data, their conclusions included:

  • Social acceptance influences livestock development, local economy and favorable rules
  • Perspectives of relevant groups influences livestock development in SD
  • Interviews provide valuable information
    • Google does not tell the whole story
  • Transdisciplinary skills allow for an analysis that acknowledges priorities and values of the concerned parties

Livestock and Local Communities Cohort Presentation (2020 Symposium)