Our resource hub provides extra information on the problem of food waste and each of the daily challenges in the 7 Day Food Waste Reduction Challenge.


The INFEWS-ER Food Waste Cohort’s mission is to increase the awareness of consumer food waste nationally and collectively challenge each other to save money, save resources, and save the planet through a social media campaign: 7 Day Food Waste Reduction Challenge!

We have organized our campaign to follow the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy. Our first challenge brings awareness to the issue of food waste, Challenges Two through Four focus on food waste prevention, and Challenges Five through Seven provide resources on reusing and recycling our food waste.

Food Waste Audit (pdf)

Scale Description Picture Rate your plate waste
0 No food waste  
1 Very small quantity  
2 Small quantity  
3 Considerable quantity  
4 Large quantity  
5 Very large quantity  



Vegetable scraps

| Vegetable stock | Root Vegetable Peel Chips |

Fruit scraps (non-banana) 

| Candied citrus peels | Apple Peel Chips | Apple Core Apple Juice | Apple Core Apple Cider Vinegar | Sweet Ways to Use Strawberry Tops | Infused Strawberry Top Water |

Banana peels & overripe bananas

| Can you eat banana peels?Banana Peel “Bacon” | Banana Peel “Pulled Pork” Sandwich | Banana Peel “Carnitas” Enchiladas | Banna Stir FryBanana Peel Curry | Banana “Fried Fish Fillet” | Banana Peel Cake | Banana Peel Tea | Banana Pancakes | Banana Bread | Banana Muffins |

Other useful links 


| Leftovers Nachos | Brisket Nachos | Breakfast Burrito |

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