Understanding Stakeholders

Stakeholder Analysis: Students taking this toolbox module will learn about the vast array of stakeholders whose interests influence or are impacted by FEWS projects. Students will use a case study to identify and prioritize relevant stakeholders and their interests, mapping out stakeholders and their relationship to FEW grand challenges.

Including Stakeholders in Project Decision-Making: Students taking this toolbox module will learn skills that will help them to design processes for including stakeholder perspectives in addressing FEWS problems. Students will learn how to develop interview questions, how to run focus groups, and how to facilitate group discussion.


Communicating Science

Effective Publication and Promotion of Scientific Research: It is increasingly important to find ways to communicate the importance of research outcomes. This module will help students to explain why their findings are so important and novel. Students will also improve their knowledge and skills in publishing academic research.


High-Performance Learning Communities

Team & Knowledge Network Skills for the Transdisciplinary Professional: Graduate Students will recognize the importance developing networks that will contribute to new and innovative idea gathering, collaborative development of new knowledge and innovative products, and testing of new approaches within a trusted environment. The PKM and Working and Learning Out Loud Model proposed by Harold Jarche and others will provide a context for this Learning module.


Asking Transdisciplinary Questions

Developing the Research Question for the Transdisciplinary Professional: Graduate students will recognize the importance of incorporating many disciplines, views, stakeholders informing the research question. Students will learn to identify gaps in scientific knowledge, how to apply metrics to answer questions, and how to evaluate literature of different disciplines contributing to the potential solution.