Few Faculty Fellow Program Application

You can download and print out the form [here] or fill the webform below.

Brief title for learning module.

Suggested 200 words or less.

Domain and DIT Level
Refer to Table of Domains and Associated Skills & Knowledge.

Skills and Knowledge Category
Refer to Table of Domains and Associated Skills & Knowledge.

Suggested 3-5 learning outcomes. (Examples available upon request. Examples are derived from previous INFEWS-ER working meetings and the outcomes derived from within.)

Suggested, but not limited to, about 2 weeks (18-24 hours per person) of effort for a typical group of graduate level students. Please be aware, at this early stage, we are flexible in learning module content and effort requirements.

Please specify how student completion/performance of the learning module will be assessed. This is presumably linked to participant activities.

License Agreement
Please suggest a license agreement for your content. FEW Faculty Fellows are asked to grant an appropriate license to the INFEWS-ER project to use, copy, and revise the learning module. The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) is an example of such a license."